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    Once a course is complete, you will receive a certification from Dr. Sharaf, allowing you to go and practice the acquired knowledge.

Course Path and Bonuses

Recommended sequence of the courses

1- DIY dry cupping course (7.5 hours)

Start with this course to understand and practice upper back, lowerback, shoulder, knee cupping with a special scope of chest cupping for Covid and chest conditions.

2- cellulite and lymphatic drainage (3 hours)

With special protocol for weight management, gliding cupping, body shaping and essential oils.

3- Intro to the science of cupping course (27-30 hours )

Covers hijama and hijama for specific areas as head, tummy and face.

You will need to book 2 hours Zoom meeting with me for practical and any questions you might have.

4- Face rejuvenation (4 hours)

4 hours course for face cupping and Myofascial decompression.

Beauty and face lifting, acne protocol.

Also good for sinus infection and headaches, jaw pain, neck pain and more.

5- Ear seeding course

4 hours amazing information to complement your therapy.

Get your bonus!

When you sign up text me at 613-286-0216 to claim one of these gifts( offer valid through May 2021).

  1. Quran copy
  2. 4 piece silicone cupping set
  3. Discount code for your next course ( 75 dollars off)